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JPEC 2016-2017 Athletics Overview

Spring approaches, and with it comes sports at JPEC. Just like many schools, JPEC has sports year round. These include basketball, volleyball, soccer, and cross country. Each of these sports happen at a certain time of year. However, some spill out of their usual time.

Basketball is still going strong in early to mid-February. The College Prep boy’s varsity team ended the season with a win-loss record of 8-9. CP junior varsity ended almost undefeated. Early College boys still have a few more games. However, College Prep girls have around eight more games, as they have only been playing for a few weeks. Cheerleading was happening at the same time as basketball. Both varsity and JV had cheerleading teams. All games were far away, as they took about 45 minutes to get to.

Soccer and cross country are both summer sports. Because of this, many who play both sports must choose one or the other, or work with the coaches to get a good schedule for them. Last year, there was a soccer game during a cross country practice, and the runners got to watch some of it. The games were played at the Jackson College field or at another school. Off the field, some of the players have friends from the school they faced.

There was one cross country meet at Jackson College. The rest were at other schools. Runners and soccer players often had to travel long distances because the schools in at JPEC’s level are far away. College Prep cross country ended the season by winning the conference title, with almost every member of the team finishing in the top 10, all within ten seconds of each other.

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