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Electronic Flight Ban

The United States government is currently banning passengers from having certain electronics on nonstop bound flights from eight Middle Eastern and North African Countries. The government have banned any electronics bigger than a cellphone such as laptops, kindles, ipads, cameras, and many other electronics. This ban only applies to ten airports in the United States. […]


JPEC Robotics Team Obtains Three Awards!

JPEC’s Robotics Team, Team 6635, recently competed at a robotics competition in Mason. They were partnered with FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology) Robotics Program, and the Mason Competition was JPEC’s second competition this season.   The theme for the competition was Steampunk, and they were competing to score points. Our team’s […]

Environmental Protection Agency building sign, Washington, DC

Future Budget Cuts in Store for the Environmental Protection Agency

In the White House’s proposed 2018 budget plan, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is set to have a thirty one percent reduction in their budget. In order to achieve that reduction around fifty of the EPA’s programs would have to be terminated.   It is known that Donald Trump has been skeptical about climate change, […]


College Prep Lounges Out for Reading Month

(Picture from left to right: Hannah Stokely, Amanda Burzynski, Rae Baker, and Nichole Mendoza) Friday, March 17, the College Preparatory at JPEC had the opportunity to come to school wearing their pajamas, to celebrate reading month. Students went to their capstone groups and took attendance, then began the fun.   Students participated in many reading […]

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Bombers Attack in Syria Resulting in Multiple Casualties

This Wednesday two suicide bombers targeted the Syrian capital, Damascus, leading to dozens being killed.   The first bombing was located at the Palace Of Justice, Damascus’s main courthouse. It was reported that the bomb was detonated at a peak time to “inflict the maximum number of casualties.” 32 people were announced dead and over […]

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Hawaii, The First State To Sue President Trump Over The New Travel Ban

Hawaii has become the first state to sue the trump administration over the updated travel ban, stating it would “disrupt families, harm Hawaii’s Muslim population, tourism and foreign students.”   Hawaii’s lawsuit was filed officially on Wednesday in a federal court located in Honolulu,Hawaii.  The state had also attempted to file when Trump had originally […]

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Women’s Rights Activists Take Streets on March 8th

(Picture Source: The Seattle Pi) In celebration of March 8th being Women’s Day, feminist protesters put on their red outfits and protested for women’s rights. Their goal was by taking work off for a day to do this, they are hoping that it will show the employment system how vital of a role they believe […]


Your Chicken Nuggets May Have the Flu!

Recently, a Tyson chicken supplier has faced the issue of their chickens being overwhelmed with the bird flu. According to CBS news, thousands of chickens have been obliterated at a Tennessee chicken farm, that happens to be one of the main suppliers for Tyson.   Tons of chickens were destroyed at the farm, and the […]

American Horror Story and The 2016 Presidential Election

It’s time for American Horror Story to get political. The TV show ‘American Horror Story ‘ might be crashing on a new story of terror, which many would consider,  the 2016 election, which possibly stands as absolutely horrifying  in its own respects. The Co-Creator of the popular show, Brad Falchuk, remarked “Well, I don’t have […]

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Will The Arctic Sea Ice Be Doomed To Disappear Even With Reaching The Climate Target?

Ice in the Arctic Ocean could vanish even if countries achieved the 2 degree celsius limit for global warming, scientist have recently warned.   In recent years, the polar ice has steadily declined. The region, as a result, is now available for more oil, gas, and shipping explorations, while also severely damaging the livelihoods of […]