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Vegemite in class!?

Just recently, Mr. Schaeffer’s focus group had the chance to try Vegemite. Vegemite is the leftover yeast extract from beer barrels. Vegemite is an Australian spread that was first introduced in WW2 for soldiers to have because it never really expired. The spread is commonly had on a piece of toast in a very thin […]

JPEC Robotics Team Obtains Three Awards!

JPEC’s Robotics Team, Team 6635, recently competed at a robotics competition in Mason. They were partnered with FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology) Robotics Program, and the Mason Competition was JPEC’s second competition this season.   The theme for the competition was Steampunk, and they were competing to score points. Our team’s […]

College Prep Lounges Out for Reading Month

(Picture from left to right: Hannah Stokely, Amanda Burzynski, Rae Baker, and Nichole Mendoza) Friday, March 17, the College Preparatory at JPEC had the opportunity to come to school wearing their pajamas, to celebrate reading month. Students went to their capstone groups and took attendance, then began the fun.   Students participated in many reading […]

March is Reading Month

The month of March is full of reading. Once students are old enough to read, they are often given a special assignment. Starting the first week of March, Falcons were required to read 100 minutes each week. The purpose of this forced reading is to encourage reading and literature in youth. JPEC isn’t going to […]

PI Day!

March 14th marks a day for the famous math symbol Pi. Don’t get confused with the delicious treat. Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to it’s diameter. The reason it is celebrated on March 14th, is because the first 2 digits after 3 are .14.There is over 13.3 trillion digits of pi known. […]

Advanced Choir Goes to Festival

This last February, the Choir of Jackson Preparatory and Early College was invited to compete in an event called the Choir Festival. The concert itself was highly successful in terms of experience.   But some JPEC competitors hoped for a better score.  Stephanie Hicks  said about the Choir’s performance, “No, it did not go as expected. […]

Doc B is the Best Teacher in Jackson – Literally!

JPEC’s assembly on Tuesday, February 14, was disguised as a Valentine’s Celebration. But what most of the school didn’t know – including Doc B – was that Jackson Magazine declared JPEC’s teacher, Dr. Clinton Bartholomew, the teacher-of-the-year in Jackson, Michigan. He admits he had no clue about it before the assembly. Doc B is the […]

Geoguessr Teaches JPEC Students While They Have Fun!

The College Preparatory Social Studies teacher, Mr. Schaeffer, has recently introduced the student body to a geography game that helps the students recognize different areas of the world. This game is called Geoguessr, and the link is   In this game, the player is placed into a random place on the earth, and they […]

Sweet Surprise! JPEC’s Flower Sale

(Picture from left to right: Samantha Ulicny, Jade Davis, Mercedes Myers, Olivia Ortell, Hassan Ahmad) As Valentine’s day approaches, students have been looking for ways to celebrate the holiday. The college prep student council has come up with a solution to solve this dilemma. The JPEC flower sale has allowed students to buy whomever they […]